• M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at Technische Universität München, Focus: Information
  • Master’s thesis at the Institute for Energy Economy and Application Technology: “Modeling of Uncertainty in Power Systems”

Research interests

  • Modeling the uncertainty of renewable energy supply
  • Methods for decomposition
  • Optimization of energy systems


  • DecEnSys – Decomposition of energy systems for modeling decentralized power supply systems




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Past theses topics

BA = Bachelor thesis, DA = Diploma thesis, MA = Master thesis, SA = Seminar paper
Topic Type Year
Analyse von Ausbauszenarien erneuerbarer Energieträger in Bayern BA 2015
Analysis of Photovoltaic Expansion Scenarios in Bavaria BA 2016
Demand Side Management in Bavaria - Implementation and Application BA 2016
Multi-area coordinated decentralized DC optimal power flow HS 2016
Perspectives for the power supply of Bavaria BA 2016
Comparison of Decomposition Methods of Multi-Area Networks HS 2016
Automatic transmission grid aggregation for Bavaria BA 2017
Alternative Direction Method for Decomposition of Multi-Area Networks HS 2017
Auxiliary Problem Principle for Linearization in Multi-Area Unit Scheduling HS 2017
Bender's decomposition in energy systems - a review HS 2017
Demand Side Management in urbs - Theory and documentation BA 2017